Sunday, 29 April 2012

Flow in visualforce page

For inserting flow in visual force page we can activate the flow as show below.
1)Click on flows by navigate to setup->App setup->create->flows
2)Click on flow name whatever the flow we want to activate as shown below
3)Now click on Activate
4)Now click on pages in develop and then inserting flow as shown below ,here accountflow is name of flow
5)Now save and run the page as shown below

Flows designing in cloud flow designer

Visual Workflow allows administrators to set up collections of screens, known as flows, that step users through the process of collecting and updating data. For example, you can use Visual Workflow to script calls for a customer support center or to generate real-time quotes for a sales organization.
Visual Workflow has three different aspects: flow design, flow management, and runtime. As an administrator, you create the flows using the Flow Designer, which has a drag-and-drop user interface that lets you diagram flow structure and configure how it runs, without writing any code. Once you create a flow, you can manage it in Salesforce, edit its properties, activate, deactivate, delete, or run it at will. Flow users can then run the activated flow from a custom button, tab, link, or directly from the flow URL.
To get started using flows, click Your Name | Setup | Create | Workflow & Approvals | Flows. From the list page, you can:
  • Create a new flow in the Cloud Flow Designer.
  • Download the latest version of the desktop Flow Designer.
  • Open a flow if it was created in the Cloud Flow Designer. If there is no version of the flow activated, Open launches the latest version.
  • Upload a flow file created in the desktop Flow Designer.
  • View details about a flow by clicking its name.
  • See flow status.
  • Edit the name or description of a flow.
I am going to show a simple example to create flow for creating account record in cloud flow designer.

1)Drag and Drop the Screen Element on right panel in cloud flow designer as shown below
 2)Double click on Screen Element and enter the name for it.
The screen element contains input fields for gathering information from user.
3)To create an input field on screen element click on "Add a Field"  tab then the following appear
4)Now drag and drop the input field from  screen element as shown below

5)Now give the Label and name for input field as shown below

6)Now Drag and Drop "Record Create " Element for inserting record with the information given in input field as shown below

7)Now set the name and assignments on Record create element by click on it

8)Set the name and selecting Object type from create drop down and selecting field  and maps with our input field as shown below

9)Now click screen look like below

10)Now establish the connection from screen element to record create element as shown below

11)Now again take one screen element  and select display text from  it for displaying the record creation status to user,.

12)Now enter the display text whatever you want to show to user as shown below
13)Now establish the connection to screen element contains display text and set the start element before saving flow as shown below.
14) Now save the flow by clicking on Save button and giving name to the flow as show below
15)Now click on Run button the the flow runs and appear as shown below
16)Enter Name and  click on Next button

17)Account is created with the name we have given as shown below

18)Now click on Finish button for entering new record again then the flow is ready to take input from you as shown below

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