Sunday, 12 February 2012

Small Introduction about Class and Object

1)What is class?
>Class is plan of the software object our computer  is going to create.
>Class is a logical representation(imaginary representation)
>Class is not a physical representation
2)What is an object?
>Physical  representation of a class(instance of a class)
>Software Objects are occupying space in the computer memory.
>Anything that is occupying space is called physical representation.
>To represent realtime object in computers we  create software objects.
>Software Object  is collection of variables and methods.
3)What is the difference between a class and an object?
>Logical Representation versus physical representation
>Imagination versus Actual(real)
4)What are the differences between objects?
>When we create a software object it occupies space in the computer memory.
>This space is identified using a unique identification number called memory address.
>The space in the computer called memory location.
>Whenever  we create two software objects  these occupies different memory locations.
>Whenever we compare these software objects their memory locations will be compared.
>Because these memory locations are different(memory addresses are different) any two software objects in the computer  are not same.
For a single class we can create any number of software objects depending on the availability of computer memory.

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