Friday, 6 January 2012

Person Account and Business Account in has of two types of Accounts:-
* Business Account or normally termed as an Account in
* Person Account
The basic difference between these two types of accounts is the business model on which they are based.
One need to understand the business model of the Organization and decide which type of account will meets it requirements. Business Account will work in the B2BIndustry i.e. Business to Business whereas Person Account will work in the B2CIndustry i.e. Business to Consumer.
In Person Account i.e. Business to Consumer Industry there is no concept of Contactsas you are dealing with one individual who is termed as an Account. Example of B2C is loan taken by an individual from a company. CON 201 Certification Question
For enabling person accounts, a feature request needs to be raised with and they do the need full. Please remember Person Account once enabled cannot be disabled, but they can be used in parallel with the Business Accounts. ADM 201 Certification Question
The change that happens in your Organization on the enabling of person account is that a new record type is created on account with the name as person account. In Person account record type contacts related list on account will be missing whereas in case of business account record type contacts related list will be present.
For both scenarios the contacts and accounts will be saved as two different records in the database. For Person Accounts the contact information will come from the standard account fields which are internally holding the contact information. This is the reason person account record still occupies 4 KB of data; 2 KB of space for account and 2 KB of space for the contact record. For business Account we have no such issues as there are two separate placeholders for keeping the account and contact information.

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