Friday, 6 January 2012

Junction Object (Many 2 Many Relationship)

There is no out of box relationship present in SFDC i.e. Many to Manyin nature, so to have a many to many relationship in SFDC aJUNCTION OBJECT is required.

junction object joins the two objects with two master detail relationship. Junction object is always on the detail side of the object.

                Obj1  M : 1  Junction  1 : M  Obj2

This way junction object creates Many to Many relationship between Obj1 and Obj2. 
DEV 401 Certification Question
Once the relationship is made it is necessary that the Junction Object is added as the related list to the two obj1 and Obj2 pagelayouts, so that many to many relationship can start working.
One example of many to many relationship among standard objects is Case and Solution. One case can have many solution attached to it and one solution can be used in resolving many cases. CON 201 Certification Question

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