Friday, 6 January 2012

Inline Editing provides Inline Editing feature which is applicable to the entire organization - ADM 201 Certification Question

Inline editing is a feature by which one can edit a record without pressing the edit button. User goes to the detail page, doubles click on a field, changes to a new value and presses save. This process makes sure the field value is updated to the new value.

Inline editing limitations:-

  • Does not work for all fields, some fields are exception to Inline editing like opportunity stage.

  • Inline editing can not be turned on for one user and turned off for another. It is global and works for all or none - ADM 201 Certification Question

To set inline editing go to:
Setup - customize - UI Settings - inline editing

Business advantage:- Saves on the no. of clicks required to edit a record.

Point to Remember:- If you have changed a value using Inline Editing but forgot to press the save button then those changes will not be saved and will get discarded as soon as you close that particular window.

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