Friday, 6 January 2012

Concept of Roles and Profiles in

Roles and Profiles are the two pillars in on which the entire access hierarchy is based.
For a user in It is mandatory to have a profile but not a role.

Profile is used for multiple things in and some of the key one's are:
- To analyze the type of license used by the user
- To give the access to an object. If the object level permission is missing in the profile then the user will not be able to see the records of that object
- To give access to Tabs, fields via FLS, General and Administrator settings
A role is used to maintain the role hierarchy. Role hierarchy allows the managers to see the data of the user reporting to them.

Remember:- Role hierarchy is a tool given to developer to meet the data roll up requirements. It need not be the organization role hierarchy.

Role hierarchy can be enabled or disabled for the custom objects. This will decidethat data of managers will be seen by CEO or not.

In nutshell profile give access to Object where as role give access to the Records. (Standard Certification Question)

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